Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some new things

Hi Ladies,  hope everyone is enjoying the last couple of weeks of spring, it feels like summer here, in the 90's, way to hot!  I have been extremely busy since we got home from vacation.  I am decorating a clients dining and living room, it's been really fun, she loves Tuscan and so do I, that makes the job very easy! Plus....I have a friend who is teaching me to sew, I have always wanted to learn but just didn't get it.  I even took home economics in high school and my Mom could sew anything, well...I made my first skirt, it's actually for my niece Andrea, how did I do?

Here is a shelf that my father in law made me a couple of years ago that sits at the top of our stairs. I added and took away a couple of things. Below are the before and after results. If you can see the tray on top, I mod podged napkins on the tray.  Sorry I couldn't get a better picture, it was the best I could do without falling down the stairs.

                                       This is a beautiful gift from my garden, I am going to try and                                          dry  it  so I  can make an arrangement with it.
              Well friends this is all for today, hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed day!

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful! I was actually looking for some (artificial since I don't have them growing in my garden. lol) for my dining room makeover. None of them looked real enough to me.