Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Dining Room Project

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share some of the things I have been up to with decorating for Easter. My Easter eggs this year have all been hand crafted by my niece and nephew. They used tissue paper and Mod Podge to decorate them with. I glued the ribbons around them.

I got the idea for the chocolate bunny on top from Kim over at Dear Sweet Home blogsite. Thanks Kim for the idea. I think it looks great as a topper to the egg tower. It looks good enough to eat, but can't because it's made of plastic. Kind of like the fake deserts you always see in the restaurants that always looks so good. The wreath underneath was an old wreath I've had for years and kept stored in the basement. I took off the old flowers and wrapped this garland around it.
Here is how the whole table looks after the Easter makeover. I got the chargers at Hobby Lobby for 40 cents a piece. They were this hideous color so I spray painted them black. The lime green plates on top are from Wal-Mart for next to nothing each. For napkin rings, I tied ribbons around black napkins. (I just love the roosters guarding the eggs.)

Here is my bunny arrangement I made and placed our buffet table. It is an old urn that also was stored in the basement that has been brought back to life. I used the same plates as is on the table to set it in. That way if there are more people coming for dinner, we have more plates. I purchased the bunny and the eggs on sticks from Hobby Lobby. The flowers were some I had stored in the basement as well. (I tend to keep things in the basement for awhile sometimes, but as you can see they can be brought back to life quite nicely.)
Here is a Springtime Wreath that I made and hung up in our powder room downstairs. I got crazy with ribbons, plastic letters from one of my favorite stores (Hobby Lobby), a few Easter eggs and hot glue and wha-lah there you have it.

I have also been busy decorating old picture frames. Here is one that I just finished. I got it on the bargain bin at a local store because it was coming unglued on the right side and the veneer was coming off. Most people wouldn't have given it a second look in the shape it was in, but I thought I could do something with it. Once again all it took was a little ribbon and getting crazy with the hot glue gun and I was able to take a frame that was considered almost junk or at least ruined and turn it into really cool home decor. The way that I have it placed keeps anyone from seeing the messed up side. The picture is of the world's smallest operational church. It is located just outside of Niagra Falls on the Canadian side going towards Niagra on the Lakes community and is on record as being the worlds smallest functioning church. We stopped and took this pictures last year while my husband was working in Toronto. He picked the family up in Buffalo, NY and we did some sightseeing on the way back to Toronto. I took the color photo to a local drug store where they had a picture processing setup and turned the original into a black & white. If you look carefully you can see the time date stamp that we forgot to turn off before taking photos that day. (We still have yet to turn it off in these photos.)

Here is how it fits in our powder room downstairs. Notice the Springtime wreath above it on the mirror. We have several pictures that we have taken and done similar things with. I'll try to post some of those later. We have found out that you don't have to spend a fortune on really cool pictures to hang on the walls or place on furniture. You just have to have a little imagination and you can take almost anything cheap, or run down and turn it into something nice.

That's all for now, but keep checking back as I am always keeping busy with new decorating ideas and stuff around the house.


  1. Let me be the first to say that your wreath is breathtaking. Hooray for you taking junk and making it beautiful home decor. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores too. I would also like to say that it's ingenious to allow niece and nephew to decorate eggs that way. They look beautiful.
    Your table setting is absolutely one of the prettiest I have seen for the spring holidays. I wish I lived close enough for an invite to one of your functions. You go girl! You are a true talented crafter. woohoo!!!♥

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Everything is just BEAUTIFUL! Love the mesh wreath! You just got yourself a new follower!
    I would LOVE if you were following me:)


  3. Aw, I love those easter eggs that your niece and nephew helped make. So cute!

  4. Morning nice to 'meet' you! The Easter eggs are adorable and girl you know I love black paint and Hobby Lobby! lol Love the transformation you did on that little cabinet in the other turned out great...I keep stuff in our shed and I am always getting stuff from out there and bringing it in and giving it new life..but I don't think I could ever make such a pretty thing from ribbon like you did on that wreath! lol Hope you have a fantastic weekend sweetie....Picket

  5. Hi Regina, I really like your display! You could have fooled me, I thought that bunny was real Chocolate. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  6. I have been trying to email you back about the door cans but it won't let me use your email address. Here is the link to the directions.

    Could you pease email me back and let me know where you got the ribbons for the frame you decorated. I love them and would like to make a few gifts. I realy enjoyed reading your blog.
    Blessings... Sherry

  7. LOVE THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY! I am afraid he wouldn't last long at my house! You did a great job decorating! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Have an awesome week!

  8. Morning good to hear from you...thanks for the sweet should have came over last night for supper...we had chicken and dumplings and cornbread! lol Have a great day sweetie...Picket

  9. Thanks for stopping by this morning! I used Mod Podge to glue the paper to the sheet metal, works like a charm!

    Happy Tuesday!