Friday, September 9, 2011

What I have been up to.

I have some new things I would love to share with y'all, I have been sewing and rearranging and creating.  Let's start with the new window treatments, remember a while back I told you I was learning to sew?  Well, my very dear friend Donna who lives in Tn, skyped me on the computer for about 2 hours and stepped me through the sewing process of the curtains .  I found the wine bottle fabric at JoAnn's, it goes great with my kitchen decor:

 The sheer's were much easier to make than the valence's, but I did it, how do you think it looks?
  Next is our master bath, I bought the curtain at my favorite thrift store for $1.50 and simply added fabric at the top and bottom to pull the colors in that I have decorated with.
The shower curtain I bought from the same thrift store for $1.50 and added the same fabric to it.
Okay, are you totally bored with the bathroom pictures?  We are almost done!

Here is my beautiful travertine floor we had installed last summer, I love the medallion.
Oops we are not finished yet...hang on......
My shutter we hung in our bedroom, painted it black and then added gold....aren't the knob's wonderful?  Hobby Lobby has some great hardware.  I also made the coffee filter wreath and the tassel.  Now.....we are done, hope you enjoyed looking around our home!


  1. Regina! You have been busy! Way to go girl! I wish we'd had Skype when I helped my sister with their sewing. That would have been so much easier than trying to explain sewing details over the phone...which is next to impossible!
    Your new window treatments look great! I am so proud of you for getting in there and doing it! You have a treasure in your friend, Donna!

  2. Love the valances. good job! and i got the Zebra prints at Ross. Love that place!

  3. Hi Regina, what a lovely home you have! I am a newbie and I am now following you. I hope you'll follow back! I was admiring your medallion and travertine floors in a previous post. We had travertine floors put in about 4 years ago; and absolutely love them! Thanks for sharing your home! Be blessed!

  4. You did a beautiful job with your curtains! What a great friend you have to help you. :)

  5. I just finished wallpapering my kitchen in a wine theme and love these curtains and valence. Can you tell me what you did so I can make them? thanks